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Great New Product -Mulch Lock-

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Mulch lock is a non-toxic, environmentally safe glue that keeps mulches and rocks in place. The glue dries clear and still allows water and nutrients to flow through to the roots of plants while making it tough on weeds to grow up. No more losing your mulch and rock to wind and washouts or having it end up on your lawn or patio! Mulch Lock also preserves barks and mulches from erosion by using UV inhibitors to retain it’s natural look and color. We sell Mulch Lock in a ready to use spray unit ($39.99) and a concentrate ($26.99) which both cover 1,500 square feet. 

UPDATE:Found my new favorite product! We used the Mulch-Lock on 3/8 minus that surrounds a flagstone walkway and on the bark beds next to the 3/8 minus. Very solid, everything is staying right in place. No more sweeping!” – Steve M.

 mulch lock


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Bagged Compost Sale

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SALE 2 for $10!

Ecoscraps All Purpose Compost mix is high in organic matter. It is made from composted fruits and veggies and other organic materials. This all natural compost is specially formulated to encourage healthy, sustained plant growth. Use whenever a high amount of organic matter is needed as a soil amendment. Great as an addition to landscape beds or when planting trees and shrubs. Use in the planting hole and mix with native soil.”