Fertile Mulch


Product Description

29.98 c/y 

Fertile Mulch is made from the larger pieces of compost that do not fit through a 3/8″ screen. The product is then re-ground to a consistent size and is full of nutrients! This mulch works like a compost tea,  when it rains all the nutrients sink into the soil. It does not get as hot as compost which makes it a great mulch to put around plants.

See Compost Analysis to see the results of our last compost test!

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FREE DELIVERY in Oak Harbor for full loads of bark (20 – 22 yards) & blended soils (15 yards)!

FREE DELIVERY on full loads of bark & blended soils to Anacortes between 8:30 to 2:30 Monday – Friday. **Times May Vary** 

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