Chinese Evergreen


Very adaptable!

Not pet friendly (do not ingest).

Size – They range in height from 10″ tall to 3-4′ tall.

Exposure – Medium to low/indirect light.

Soil – Well draining soil.

Water – Slightly humid conditions and moderate water – let it dry between waterings.

Fertilize – Feed older Chinese evergreens once or twice yearly using a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer.

Prune – When/if it becomes too large or leggy, give the plant a quick trim. Don’t be alarmed by low yellowing leaves-this is normal, simply trim away.
Re-pot – Only when they have outgrown their pot.

Pro Tip – Clean the leaves free of dust with damp rag or placing in shower and air drying.

*Sorry, we do not accept returns of indoor plants*