Exposure – Bright light – Some plants can tolerate full sun, but must be gradually acclimated to prevent sunburn.  If the light source is inadequate, etiolation will occur and your plant will become leggy as it stretches out towards a light source.

Soil – Cactus Mix

Water – Water thoroughly until water comes out of the bottom drainage hole. Allow to dry completely before watering again.

Fertilize – Feed during growing season with a 10-10-10 fertilizer diluted to 1/4 strength each watering.

Prune – The major reasons for trimming cactus are to remove parts to root for new plants, remove offsets or pups for the same reason, reinvigorate a plant that has gotten too tall or too leggy, and to take off damaged material.

Re-pot – As soon as the roots begin to show through the drainage holes at the bottom of its pot.

*Sorry, we do not accept returns of indoor plants*