Asparagus Fern

(Asparagus aethiopicus)

Not pet friendly (do not ingest).

Size – Slow growing 2-3ft. wide with cascading trailers length

ExposureGentle morning sun, or indirect light. Avoid any direct sunlight if possible.

Soil Well-drained potting soil indoors.

Water This plant thrives on humidity. Mist the plant daily, focusing on the arching stems. If the plant appears to be turning brown and droopy, it likely needs more water. Let it dry out between waterings. While the asparagus fern can dry out to the point of appearing dead, it likely isn’t. Warmer, humid air and daily misting will help revive it.

Fertilize – Feed an asparagus fern weekly during the summer with a water-soluble plant food. Feed monthly during the rest of the year. Always dilute the fertilizer to 1/2 the recommended strength. It will tell you it’s hungry with paling needles.

Prune – Only truly necessary in older plants that may become woody or leggy.

Re-pot – Like many ferns, this variety doesn’t mind being slightly pot-bound and can go up to two years before repotting.

*Sorry, we do not accept returns of indoor plants*