Aloe Vera

(Aloe Barbadensis)

Air Purifier!

Size – 1-3 ft high and 6-12 inches wide.

Exposure – Bright, indirect light.

Soil – Cactus mix (We recommend terra-cotta pots for additional drainage).

Water – Infrequent, deep waterings. Allow to dry between waterings.

Fertilize – No more than once a month in the Spring and Summer months with a ½ serving of a balanced houseplant formula.

Pruning – Only when harvesting or removing dying leaves.

Re-pot –  Replant aloe every few years to refresh the soil. The size of an aloe plant is determined largely by the space it has for root growth. If you would like a large plant, repot it into a large pot to give it more room to grow. If you would like to maintain a small plant, confine it to a small container.

*Sorry, we do not accept returns of indoor plants*