Air Plants


Size – dependent on variety

Exposure – Bright, indirect light (the higher the humidity, the more light it can handle). Can use artificial light if it is fluorescent and no more than 3 ft away at least 12 hours a day.

Soil – Air 😉

Water – To start: Every 1 – 2 weeks soak roots for 5-10 minutes in warm water. Shake water off and leave your plant upside down on a rag in a bright area. They should be dry in 3 hours or less. Mist once a week so the entire surface is wet but not dripping. Water in the morning. They need more water in Summer and early Fall months. Signs of under-watering are brown/crispy leaf tips and exaggerated concave shape of foliage.

Fertilize – Feed 1-2 times a month with an Orchid fertilizer. Add a pinch of fertilizer into water regimen and proceed as usual. 

*REMEMBER* if your air plant is in a glass container/terrarium it creates a micro environment. This means your plant will be in a more hot and humid home so do not put it in a window where it will intensify the sun’s rays. If you cannot remove it from the glass to water, rely on misting. The smaller the container the less misting it will generally need. Mist around the plant weekly, and adjust accordingly.

*Sorry, we do not accept returns of indoor plants*