African Violet


Size – There are many different varieties of African Violet and size depends on the variety. Most African Violets grown in the home will be 8-16 inches across.

Exposure – They need a lot of indirect sun. A West or South facing window in the winter and a North or East facing window in the summer will give it optimal sun exposure.

Soil – Porous, well draining soil with plenty of nutrients.

Water – They do not like to be completely dry between watering, keeping the soil slightly moist. Water when the top feels dry and water from bottom to top to avoid getting the tender foliage wet. Too much moisture on the foliage can result in mildew or rot.

Fertilize – A half strength orchid or african violet fertilizer only in the spring and summer about once a month. Do not over fertilize!

Prune – Only necessary to keep shape. To encourage growth pinch away spent flowers.

Re-Pot – They like to be slightly rootbound, encouraging upward growth, however repotting once a year will help replenish the soil. Use a shallow pot, that is barely bigger than the last.